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The number 1 Risk Management, Security Company in the Asia Pacific region for high net-worth, high profile individuals, families and organizations worldwide.
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East meets West

4Cast Solutions Asia understand the need to combine Western standards with Local Asian best practices in executive protection with the fine art of blending in protective strategies to support our client’s lifestyle and daily business routine.

We build strong relationships through professionally collaborating and fully supporting Executive Staff and Executive Protection teams to their client(s)/principals(s) needs.

Male and female Executive Protection Specialists

Our team of male and female specialists has extensive experience in planning, preparing and implementing security arrangement. We have extensive experience to minimize any type of risk while you can maintain your daily routine with ‘peace of mind’.

Full support

4Cast Solutions Asia will support and collaborate in conjunction with visiting Executive Protection teams and provide them with intelligence, information and advice. Our flexibility in facilitating our clientele’s  is our strength and passion.

We assist with the language barriers, local culture, religion differences, protocols, courtesies and customs, in order to avoid unpleasant and unnecessary issues, which can rapidly expand like a wild fire.

Preparation is key

4Cast Solutions Asia emphasizes on in-depth and detailed Advance Work, which is the key to ‘minimising risk and create smooth transition‘ in accordance of client’s / principal’s itinerary prior to arrival with rehearsing different kind of contingency scenario’s.

Executive Protection Advances

  • Our specialists and drivers always conduct a security advance of vehicle routes and alternate routes.
  • We survey sites to be visited by the client.
  • We coordinate closely with the FBO/Ground-handler in charge for smooth transition upon arrival and departure of private charter(s)
  • We also coordinate with hotels, event hosts/planners, and event venues to conduct confidential early hotel check-ins and room inspections to enable ease of access for the client upon arrival.
  • Our specialists prepare and anticipate on close-in protection responsibilities during events, meetings and activities as needed, and support the client with additional logistical or personal requirements.
  • We also liaise with law enforcement, heads of local communities, hotel security directors to ascertain any intelligence that may affect the security of the client.
  • In addition to Executive Protection and Secure Transportation, 4Cast Solutions Asia comprehensive portfolio of security and investigations solutions
  • We advise and offer the client on ‘Surveillance Detection’ prior to clients and arrival.
  • All these services will promote a holistic approach to personal safety and privacy, while also acknowledging the importance of maintaining appropriate interaction with the client’s fan base and the general public.

Rules of engagement

Our Executive Protection Services are not about engaging physical alterations, our aim is to provide professional pro-active and preventive protection, in order to avoid any type of security risk(s) and threats(s) and to ensure a safe, secure, pleasant, productive and unforgettable visit to this beautiful, vibrant, complex and challenging region for High Net Worth Individuals and Families and Fortune 100 and 500 organisations worldwide.

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