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Tailored services, which meet our clients needs, even in remote areas and always with strict adherence to patient confidentiality

We are specialized in medical & security evacuations, providing a wide range of services:

  • Placement of Medical Staff
  • Remote Medical Support
  • Medical Audits and Site Assessments
  • Clinic and Facility Management
  • Outsourced Customer Care
  • Security and Protection services
  • Natural Disaster response
  • Air Service evacuation

Professional medical assistance

4Cast Solutions Asia provides the finest professional support for Medical Assistance, Evacuations and Security Services to our esteemed clientele’s and for and on behalf of our well respected Local and Global Strategic Alliances, in urban and rural area’s.

Remote Medical

The world can be a dangerous place and accidents do happen. When you are injured or become ill while traveling in remote area’s in this region, our physicians and specialists will advise you. If needed 4Cast Solutions Asia and our professional medical staff and partners will come and treat your illness and/or trauma at place and if nescessary evacuate you to the nearest international standard hospital.

In case you’re hospitalized, or need hospitalization, and/or you want to be evacuated to a medical facility of your choice, our best-in-class air service providers are able to transport you after consulting with your insurance company and the medical specialist in charge.

Excellent Medical & Security Response

We are committed in providing world-class medical and security response, advice and evacuation. Help is only a phone call away and we will fill in the gaps in the traditional evacuation industry with our experienced partners in the most challenging and remote area’s in Indonesia and other countries in the Asia Pacific region.

Tailored Medical & Cost Effective Services

4Cast Solutions Asia offers tailored medical services, which meet our clients needs, even in remote areas and always with strict adherence to patient confidentiality. Low cost overheads and complimentary services means that we are able to provide cost effective services.

Air Service Evacuation

The Ring of Fire – working and traveling in this challenging, amazing and incredible beautiful region, which is prone to natural disasters.

Contact us now and we will tailor a support package that is right for your needs.