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The number 1 Risk Management, Security Company in the Asia Pacific region for high net-worth, high profile individuals, families and organizations worldwide.
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Excellent solutions that protects your greatest assets; your people, business, products and you

4Cast Solutions Asia – PT. Siaga Mitra Asia, provides the following range of professional Strategic Management Solutions and Services:


4Cast Solutions Asia consults in Security, Threat, Risk Assessments, to determine whether the current protective measures are in place and are consistent with the best practices and appropriately implemented for the current and constantly changing risk environment. Our objectives are to identify any weak points in the security system and set-up and further to provide robust, sound and comprehensive recommendations for the enhancement of the current security procedures in place.

The assessment will be conducted by a series of interviews:

– For private residential properties; these interviews will be conducted with owners, any relevant staff and appropriate law enforcement officials.
– For commercial properties; these interviews will be conducted with security and safety employees, key management and appropriate law enforcement officials.

The objectives of these interviews are to evaluate, analyze and to identify key issues, internal and external threats and any past and current crime problems or other issues that may be able to affect the location.

A basic list of areas to be inspected at the site will be as follows:

– Current security procedures
– Analysis of the routes leading to and from the premises
– Access control measures and procedures
– Physical security of perimeters
– Physical security of offices / parking
– Illumination (external and internal)
– Electronic security measures (alarms, panic buttons, CCTV, etc)
– Personnel security issues and protective measures
– Exposure of critical assets
– Measures taken to protect intellectual property and other sensitive information

The assessment will analyze and categorize the threats and identify their source, their capability, the motivators and their possible triggers.

Threat & Risk Assessment

4Cast Solutions Asia can quickly conduct a vulnerability and Threat Assessment of the situation and develop a Threat Management Plan and course of action.

Our team of specialists will work closely with the local law enforcement and community to collect information, gather potential evidence and monitor communications.

If and when necessary, the Threat Management will outline increased security measures and a plan of action, before and on developing of the threat.

Intelligence Reporting & Analysis

Through our extensive in-country network, we are able to provide accurate intelligence reports and analyzes for possible upcoming visits to that particular location, country and or region.

Executive Tracking & Alerting

4Cast Solutions Asia have developed a Tracking and Alerting system for Executives visiting this region, whenever on a business trip or just on an adventure holiday on a remote location.

The Executive(s) will be monitored and can be tracked and alerted and whenever necessary our Quick Response Team (QRT) will retract / airlift the Executive(s) to the nearest safe transfer location.

Investigations, Due Diligence, Surveillance with Technical support

4Cast Solutions Asia has the resources, equipment and contacts, in order to provide Investigations, Due Diligence in order for corporations and individuals who require timely, accurate information to make good business decisions that will minimize the potential risk and liability.

A lot of legwork is required in this region, information is not always computerized or even proper registered.

Crisis Management & Emergency response

In the world of today, it is vital for organizations and individuals to have a comprehensive Crisis Management and Emergency Response at hand, to be prepared and to react immediately in order to guarantee business continuity.

4Cast Solutions Asia have a proven track record in dealing with emergency and crisis situations as they arise.

We are able to regularly review your management systems and plans that you have put into place to address critical situations, ensuring to react in ‘real time’.

Humanitarian Missions 

4Cast Solutions Asia provides management, logistic and visit support for Humanitarian Missions in cities, remote and into rural area’s such as Borneo, Papua, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri-Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan.

We are able to support you with a wide range of logistic equipment support from tents to satellite phones and 4wheel drives, turbo-props, heavy lift choppers. We facilitate to all your needs!

Click here to learn more about our Executive Protection services or contact us now and we will tailor a support package that is right for your needs.